Are 100 yen shop Daiso’s Japanese radish seeds worth your time? Let’s find out【Experiment】

Radical value from cheap radish sprouts?

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Snuggle up to a sexy daikon body pillow in Japan

This cheeky viral radish is waiting to seduce you.

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Japanese head chef gets bored, cuts daikon radish into seemingly impossible chain pattern 【Video】

Yeah, I just got bored, so I decided to bend the laws of reality. No big deal.

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What happens when you use a face-filter app on an ugly daikon? Japanese Twitter shows us

LINE camera proves why it is so popular among high school girls.

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Japanese cook creates adorable meal of “cats” feasting on fish!

People in Japan are going crazy for this dish and the best thing about it is you can make it at home too!

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Because if you’re going to knit a daikon, you might as well knit a really sexy one

Don’t ask why, just marvel at these vegetables’ sexy, knitted curves.

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10 vegetarian foods you can order at almost any Japanese restaurant

Vegetarians traveling to Japan may find it difficult to find food that fits their dietary lifestyle. Fish seems to be in everything including the soup stock used to make miso soup. To make matters worse, many foods in convenience stores, bakeries or even Starbucks have misleading labels, and that “vegetable sandwich,” or “vegetable pizza” may actually have meat in it too!  You can order foods like okonomiyaki or monjayaki with no meat, but you still can’t be sure it won’t come with shredded fish flakes on top that there isn’t fish lurking in the dashi-based sauces.

I always recommend to my vegetarian friends that rather than asking Japanese restaurants to make something special for them, it’s better to just order food that doesn’t have fish or meat (or dairy) in it from the beginning. Fish has always been a staple in the Japanese diet, but the eating of wild and domestic game was banned for over 1,200 years in Japan, and Buddhist tradition gave rise to a special vegetarian cuisine called shojin ryori. Even now, the traditional Buddhist meal called ozen (rice, miso soup, pickles, boiled/simmered vegetables and beans), is still served at funerals in Japan.

So traditionally, there is a lot of vegetarian food in the Japanese diet. You just have to discover it. And RocketNews24 is here to help! In this article we’ll introduce you to common Japanese dishes that can be ordered at almost any Japanese restaurant that have no meat, fish or animal products in them, so, let’s jump into Japanese vegetarianism 101.

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Beat the heat with these 14 adorable daikon dishes!

Summers in Japan are pretty warm. In fact, one might got a bit further than that and say that they are down right hot. Of course, there are many places in the world that are hotter and more humid, but knowing that doesn’t help those of us sweating over here now!

One home remedy popular in Japan is grated daikon, or Japanese white radish. Of course, if you’re not a fan of radish, this might not be an easy medicine to swallow, but fortunately Japanese Twitter users know just how to get you to eat it: with some of the cutest food ever! Get ready to beat the heat and go “Awwwww!” at the same time!

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Learn to love the taste of raw daikon with this simple recipe 【RocketKitchen】

Daikon is one of the cornerstones of Japanese cuisine. It has a firm yet yielding texture and ability to meld with any flavors it comes in contact with such as oden broth. However, most ways of eating daikon involve cooking which largely squanders the precious vitamin C that it contains.

You could eat it raw, but on its own daikon has a bitter and bland flavor suitable for no one. At least, it did until now thanks to a recipe posted on Cookpad, Japan’s premier recipe site, by a user with the handle of ayureo. This recipe is certifiably delicious, cheap, and so simple that anyone can do it — even us!

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Try a super-easy summer cold remedy with this natural Honey Daikon Cough Syrup recipe

Summer is here and with it come the sleepless nights of rolling around in bed searching for a sweat-free spot. Of course, fans and air conditioners are at hand but they bring a whole other set of problems such as dry, sore throats in the morning and incessant buzzing that might make it even harder to nod off.

They say summer colds are the worst kind, and taking standard medicine with all the drowsiness they can cause is no good in this already delirium-inducing heat.

Now, we don’t promise this to be a cure (it’s a common cold, after all!), but for those suffering from summer sniffles and phlegm we humbly recommend a simple recipe using all natural ingredients: honey, daikon, and just a pinch of patience.

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Grated radish art from Japan brings the cute to your favourite dishes

If you’ve been keeping up with the amazing 3-D latte art trends going on in Japan’s barista world right now, then you might want to take a look at their savoury counterparts popping up in grated radish form. Instead of swimming in cups of coffee, these adorable home-made creations are taking dips in winter hot pots and stews. Join us as we take a look at some of the cutest critters on offer, from Ghibli characters to sleeping cats, and see just how easy it is to cook up some edible cuteness at home.

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Pokemon radish discovered in Japan, just as cute as the original

Daikon radishes have been really stepping up their game lately and upping the cuteness to a solid 11. First, we saw these adorable mounds of grated daikon capybaras swimming in soup. Now, a little old lady has grown a daikon that bears a striking resemblance to a Pokemon character. More on where the little guy was found and how it came to be after the break!

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How to make a depressed daikon snowman

Japan’s premier recipe website, Cookpad, is an excellent resource for those looking to make some clever home cooking along with seasonal treats and some more unorthodox creations like #c0ffee.

One little gem of a recipe that’s been getting some high praise is Setsunai… Daikon Oroshi Daruma (Wistful… Grated Daikon Daruma). Although named after the round and red lucky charms of Japan, these side dishes certainly resemble snowmen, or yuki daruma in Japanese.

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We got some Japanese radish sparkling wine, but didn’t expect it to taste like this…

Daikon is one of the most well-known of the Japanese vegetables. Essentially an enormous radish, daikon are primarily used for pickling and seasoning, though you can find their leaves in some dishes as well. Although the kinds of radish known to Westerners tend to have a strong “bite” to them, Japanese daikon is much milder, and a firm favorite at this time of year found in warming dishes like oden.

Since daikon is used in so much food in Japan, it’s a very familiar taste for most Japanese people, and you can find it in everything from traditional cuisine to otsumami (snacks eaten while drinking), when people sometimes eat large chunks of boiled daikon. Despite what you might think, it’s surprisingly tasty! But what about making wine from daikon?

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Japan loves the new iPhone5C case! Now they can grate radishes anytime, anywhere

With the unveiling of the next iteration of iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C a lot has been said about the iPhone 5C’s official protective case. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the words “aesthetic train wreck” tend to get bandied about.

People in Japan, however, get it very much. They see the brilliant functionality that helps them with a daily chore which an app could never fulfill. It helps them garnish their dishes with grated daikon, for instance…

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14 Year-Old Girl’s Crime Spree Thwarted by Suzuka Police, Motive: To Laugh at Daikon Getting Run Over by Cars

The noble daikon is a beloved vegetable of Japan with a wide range of culinary uses along with other uses like carving huge phalluses, making cute calendars, or avant-garde musical instruments.

However, during two days in December of last year 100 daikon were mercilessly snatched from their homes and brutally crushed in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.

After a tireless investigation the police announced on 22 April that the culprits have been apprehended. The ringleader was an unnamed 14 year-old junior high school girl with a very strange motive indeed…

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The Life and Times of a Japanese Radish

The daikon is root vegetable widely used in Japanese cuisine. In the frigid winters it’s especially loved served in a steaming bowl of oden.

But most people don’t know how the humble daikon makes its way from the field to the dinner table.  So the folks at Ume Mama Root Vegetable Farms have photo-documented the entire life of a typical daikon and presented it via Twitter.

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