One of Japan’s coolest castles looks even cooler this winter with laser mapping art event【Video】

There’s never a bad time to take a look at the Crow Castle, but this winter is an especially good one.

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Amazing laser engraving machine wows Japanese Internet, shows how far science has come

Watch as this laser turns a flat metal surface into a gorgeous, ornate pattern in seconds.
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Laser-cut art allows you to combine, transform multiple pictures with just two sheets of paper!

What do you get when you combine a cat and a robot?

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How to make your model robots shoot laser beams without using Photoshop

Despite having a love of giant robots since childhood, I never really got into the hobby of building models of them. I barely have the manual dexterity to properly feed myself, let alone glue small pieces of plastic together, so I was always sure the finished product would never look as cool as the fighting mecha in anime series like Macross or Escaflowne.

Of course, I may have to rethink my stance, now that there’s an easy way to make your models appear to shoot laser beams that doesn’t require any fine motor or photo editing skills at all.

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How far across the Tokyo sky can a laser pointer shine?

Although RocketNews24 does not condone misusing laser pointers, we still think they can be pretty cool to play around with like seeing how far across the Tokyo area a laser pointer can be seen. Engineer and astronomy enthusiast Takayuki Ohira recently tried out this experiment on a clear night. How far across the megapolis do you think the beam could be seen? Click below to find out!

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Dirty Tricks: Anger as Japanese Goalkeeper has Laser Shone in Face During World Cup Qualifier

The Japanese Football Association has stated that it will be making an official complaint to international governing body FIFA after both forward Yasuhito Endo and goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima had lasers shone in their faces during yesterday’s qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup.

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