Tokyo Disneyland’s attention to detail really ‘leafs’ an impression!

The Magic Kingdom leaves no stone unturned when it comes to customer service!

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We wish Pokemon trees were real

Just image hundreds of tiny Pikachu leaves raining down on a breezy fall afternoon. Wouldn’t it be awesome? Although science hasn’t come anywhere close to bringing us the tree of our dreams, we can still admire the work of user jakeacarter who posted six different “natural Pokemon” made out of leaves.

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Nature’s Little Warriors: Beware of the Killer Samurai Leaf!

He slinks through the trees, scanning from above for his next victim and waits, sword unsheathed, as his prey draws near. Plummeting down, death from above, he pounces and fells his target with a single swipe of his glinting blade. No one is safe when the killer samurai leaf attacks!

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