The pages are filled with intricate etchings of everything from talk-show guests to Shadow of the Colossus to Coraline.

Japanese Twitter user @barusu_xxx is a graphic designer and part-time illustrator, but he primarily uses his Twitter account to share his trips out to local art galleries and smaller, personal illustrations like this nengajo (Japanese New Year’s card).

“Happy New Year! Let’s have a good one!”

While @barusu_xxx tweets infrequently, he does mention his wife often. She’s an artist too, and she even decorates the little messages she leaves him:

“I’m in charge of cleaning today, as my wife’s going into work on her day off.”

But those are just little scribbles dashed off to illustrate household chores. @barusu_xxx’s wife is actually much more artistically capable than those pictures let on. And he was taken aback at just how densely she could draw on a single page, too! He uncovered a bunch of high-density detailed doodles in one of her daily planners.

“The doodles my wife drew in her old Hobonichi Techo planner are packed together so tightly…”

@barusu_xxx uploaded four shots of two-page spreads in his wife’s planner, taking samples from various days. Hobonichi Techo books offer the capacity to note down your day in any way you like, whether in text and images, and several of his wife’s days are described entirely in sprawling artwork. Even text-heavy days feature cute little pictures of her family laundry or the natto, tomato and avocado rice bowl she ate for dinner.

People got especially excited about her faithfulness in drawing fan art for whatever movie or show she watched that day. Clearly @barusu_xxx’s wife is a fan of stop-motion animation studio Laika, as ParaNorman and Caroline characters show up recreated in ink. Other western animated films featured in her pages include Wreck-It Ralph and The Illusionist. Not only are her drawings plentiful and intricate, but they’re full of cute annotations: “His neck is waaay too long” she writes by her sketch of Caroline’s father, and wonders if Candlehead from Wreck-It Ralph is wearing an Apollo candy atop her head.

Twitter went wild for these beautiful drawings and filled @barusu_xxx’s thread with praise for his wife, both in terms of sheer artistic skill and incredible space-management. Most of these drawing murals don’t even take up half of the page!

“Here’s something else I want to add after reading all your comments,” he replied. “This level of density in her doodles only really happened during 2013… She was too busy in the other years to draw that much. (Sorry to everyone who was expecting more…) I’ll post more if the chance presents itself!”

And he made good on his promise, with two follow-up photo sets:

“First follow-up! Original art doodles. It seems she came to a standstill while trying to craft whatever this was.”

These drawings are filled with lush background and character concepts focusing around a teeny-tiny doll girl, surrounded by anthropomorphic insects. The pages are littered with notes for potential names, perspectives for sense of scale and a cast of cute critters in elaborate outfits.

“Second follow-up, report-style doodles…? This is the last stuff I can post.”

These pages are more text-heavy, describing a trip to Tokyo Tower and the Fujio F. Fujio gallery, but we also get full pages dedicated to Takashi Nakamura’s The Portrait Studio and Studio Colorido’s Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl, both animated shorts released in 2013. The third page portrays a talk show she attended. Three famous artists, Dice Tsutsumi, Tadahiro Uesugi and Katsuya Terada, were interviewed regarding an art project they participated in, where various illustrators and artists mailed a sketchbook across various countries, each artist drawing a page before sending it to the next one. The final page stars some gorgeous pictures of the boss characters from Shadow of the Colossus.

While lots of people were delighted by Mrs. @barusu_xxx’s doodles, it’s worth mentioning that Studio Laika (makers of Coraline, ParaNorman) themselves were made aware of her fan art and sent their thanks.

And don’t worry, she’s still drawing. Remember that cute nengajo @barusu_xxx drew earlier?

“My wife’s take on the nengajo.”

We hope we get to see more of this talented couple’s work in the future… Maybe she might even get a Twitter account of her own!

Source: Twitter/@barusu_xxx via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@barusu_xxx

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