“What the hell are you doing to my woman?” attacker asks man feeding stray cat in Tokyo park

Literal animal lover, magical shapeshifter, or just plain old crook?

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Couple rob real estate agent during open house, escape with US$1.84

My sofa cushions steal more than that in an average week.

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Mugger sticks gun in Japanese teenager’s back, she tells him to get a job

Woman would rather thief take life advice than other people’s money.

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“Gentlemen” thieves punch man in face, run away with $27 after refusing his female friend’s money

It just goes to show that even lowlife muggers want to look cool when there’s a pretty girl nearby…

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Tokyo woman mugged for 3,000 yen, haggles mugger down to 1,000

At about 6:00am on 26 December, a young woman was walking down a street in Nakano, Tokyo. Suddenly, she was confronted by a man brandishing a knife and threatening, “Get out all your money and nothing will happen.”

The woman in her 20s complied and passed over 3,000 yen (US$30). You’d think the crime would be nearly complete, but in a truly Columbo-like moment the woman had just one more thing to ask the mugger.

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Violent Panty Raider Arrested in Osaka Again, Just Seems Begging for a Good Ol’ Chemical Castration

Osaka Prefectural Police picked up 37-year-old Takashi Yamaoka for stealing a woman’s panties… while she was still wearing them… again.

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