The Force doesn’t awaken amongst cats, despite Yoda’s best efforts【Video】

Our favourite family of Munchkin cats (and a dog!) do battle with a motorised duelling Yoda in this adorable video!

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New puppy in town faces harsh roommate interview from a bunch of Munchkin cats 【VIDEO】

Moving into a new house with strangers can be an intimidating experience. There they are, sizing you up, judging the state of your fur and paws, wondering if you’re going to be the kind of pup who keeps their home clean or turns it into a pigsty. Even worse is when the current residents didn’t exactly get a say in your arrival. It’s enough to make you cower in your doggy cage.

Which is what happened when this adorable puppy found herself the newest resident in a house full of skeptical Munchkin cats!

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Feeling stressed? These videos of stubby Munchkin kittens at play will hug your soul

Have you heard of “gogatsu-byou“? Also known as “May Sickness” this is a Japanese term used to describe the particular malaise that descends upon many people in May, after the excitement of the new school year and hiring period in April.

But what better way to combat a case of the blues than with adorable kitten videos? If you’re feeling low, we reckon these capering Munchkin kittens will cure what ails you!

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Splish-splash, kitty taking a bath! Cute videos to help you enjoy the weekend

There’s a long-lived stereotype that cats love to eat fish–particularly the fish we like to keep in bowls in our homes. For a house kitty, a fish bowl is like having an ice cream truck in your living room–but never having the change to get a cone.

Of course, no one wants their pets–furry or scaly–to get eaten! But keeping a house full of cats entertained is a tall order…and whipping a laser pointer around the living room might turn it into a disaster zone. Fortunately, one cat gentleman has found a way to keep a room of cats both docile and engaged: Letting a mechanical toy fish swim circles in the bathtub!

But just how well do you think that’s going to work out for all the munchkin kitties gathered to watch?

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