There’s a long-lived stereotype that cats love to eat fish–particularly the fish we like to keep in bowls in our homes. For a house kitty, a fish bowl is like having an ice cream truck in your living room–but never having the change to get a cone.

Of course, no one wants their pets–furry or scaly–to get eaten! But keeping a house full of cats entertained is a tall order…and whipping a laser pointer around the living room might turn it into a disaster zone. Fortunately, one cat gentleman has found a way to keep a room of cats both docile and engaged: Letting a mechanical toy fish swim circles in the bathtub!

But just how well do you think that’s going to work out for all the munchkin kitties gathered to watch?

The video of the entranced cats focused on the MechaFishzilla swimming laps in a bathtub has made quite the splash on the Japanese video site Niconico Douga, with 183,500 views in just 11 days. Though, to be fair, we’re pretty sure that we might have contributed about 1,000 of those views in the last day alone. Posted by Niconico user Studio Singa, who owns more munchkin (short-legged) cats than you can shake two sticks at, the video starts off adorable, moves into crazy cute, and then dives straight into hilarious! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so just click that giant play button in the video below!

▼ Here’s the YouTube version just in case Niconico isn’t working.

We feel like there’s probably some sort of lesson to be learned from this…but we can’t stop giggling long enough to figure it out!

Once you’ve watched the above video a few more times–don’t worry, we’ll wait–be sure to check out some more of Studio Singa’s cat videos below.

If you’ve ever wondered if cats would make good partners to play Jenga with, this video will answer that question! And the answer is…no. Not at all. Unless you’re idea of “playing Jenga” is chewing on all the blocks…

▼ And the YouTube version.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep your kitties’ senses sharp is a good toy, like a teaser. And if you thought one wide-eyed cat staring intently at a fake bird spinning through the air was adorable, wait until you see five munchkins waving their heads back and forth like Babymetal!

▼ For your Niconico-phobic computer.

That’s it for your furry fun for today, but if you’re desperate for munchkin kitty cuteness, you can check out Studio Singa’s YouTube and Niconico Douga channels for more videos!

Sources: Yahoo! Japan, Niconico Douga
Images: Niconico Douga