Meet some unexpected web-footed friends – at the penguin bar in central Tokyo!

You know life is good when it’s Friday night and you can hole up in a bar with some friends to enjoy a relaxing drink or two (or three or four). But you know what may be even better? How about being holed up in a bar where you can watch cute sea animals while having a drink? It turns out there’s a bar where you can do exactly that – right in the middle of Tokyo!

Yes, the recently opened Penguin no Iru Bar (literally, “the bar where there are penguins”) lives up to its name by actually being home to live penguins that customers can view right in the bar. Wow, real live penguins at a bar? We definitely had to go see this ourselves, since it’s no big secret that we’re quite fond of penguins here at RocketNews24. So, what exactly was this unique penguin bar like?

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【Awesome Nature Pics】 See penguins looking cooler than ever!

We hope many of you out there love penguins, because if you do, you’re in for a real treat! (And if you don’t already love penguins, we’d like to respectfully suggest that you see the movie Happy Feet or March of the Penguins, or preferably both, so you too can become a happy believer in penguin power.) We admit, we’re quite partial to these little black-and-white fellas, and we’ve brought to you our fair share of penguin stories in the past, from flying penguins  to penguins without heads, to name a few.

Well, today, we have a selection of photos that show penguins as wild animals, plain and simple, in all their natural magnificence and of course, cuteness! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing shots of our webbed-footed friends along with a compilation of comments from Japanese Internet users.

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Startling Nature Footage Reveals Penguins Are Kind of Jerks

Penguins, otherwise known as the tuxedo wearing clown princes of the Antarctic, have amused us for centuries.  Their cute little waddles and fluffy babies can warm even the coldest of hearts.

However, new footage taken by researchers has shed light on a previously unknown facet of penguin life – they’re kind of dicks.

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A Cool Sight for the Hot Summer! See Penguins Fly – at a Rooftop Aquarium in the Middle of Tokyo

Okay, is everyone ready for summer? You may already have vacation plans, but if you’re going to be in Tokyo this summer, you may want to consider visiting the Sunshine Aquarium in the Ikebukuro area. Why? Because you’ll be able to see “flying penguins” there this summer! Read More

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