Penguins, otherwise known as the tuxedo wearing clown princes of the Antarctic, have amused us for centuries.  Their cute little waddles and fluffy babies can warm even the coldest of hearts.

However, new footage taken by researchers has shed light on a previously unknown facet of penguin life – they’re kind of dicks.

Prof. Huggelbury of the Aquatic Institute explains “They’re not complete jerk-offs in the sense of someone who keys your car.  They’re just… kind of douchey, like someone who borrows money and returns it, but not until you’ve had to remind them like twenty times.”

In the video we see a group of penguins walking along some ice. One penguin slips, as you might expect when walking on ice.  The penguin behind the fallen one appears to laugh at it.

According to Huggelbury “We’re not entire sure if the penguin is laughing or chiding the other one.  Regardless, whatever it is doing in the film is, you know, kind of a dick-move.”

In light of this new evidence the producers of the upcoming Happy Feet Three are preparing a massive production overhaul wherein all the penguins cut in line and don’t hold elevators for each other.

Source: Omoroid (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – brandonorr06