Japanese spoon puts electrical field in your mouth to trick you into tasting salt, now on sale

It’s like a party in your mouth, and electricity’s invited!

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Death Spray from Japan causes buzz online for powerful ability to cut ties with bad energy

Spray it at work and the company is doomed, spray it on the desk of a colleague and they’ll be transferred…this is a spray that’s not to be messed with.

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Spoons and bowls that use electricity to make food taste saltier to go on sale in 2023

Take this news without a grain of salt.

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Electric chopsticks that make low-salt food taste salty developed by Meiji University

Experimental utensils make food shockingly delicious.

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What should you use table salt for at a sushi restaurant? We asked a kaitenzushi maniac

It turns out there’s a number of things you can put salt on, besides french fries!

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Clever new packaging trick helps make it easier to eat instant ramen without ruining your health

The Shio Care system helps you draw a line to solve one of the biggest drawbacks to delicious instant ramen.

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Mysterious salt cauldrons predict disasters at one of the “Three Great Miracles of Japan”

We travel off the beaten track to one of the most fascinating holy sites in the country.

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Salt and Pepper Gourmet Beer VS just putting salt and pepper in beer yourself【Taste test】

We find out if it enjoying salt and pepper in a beer is best left to the professionals or not.

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Hello Kitty adds Japanese exorcism to her work repertoire, Twitter baffled and amused

Is there anything Kitty can’t do? She can spiritually purify your house or room with salt now, so tell your ghost stories without fear of retribution!
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U.S. Rapper Lil Baby makes waves in Japan, but for something other than his music

A controversial eating choice that has brought Lil Baby into the minds of Japanese people.

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We make salt from our reporter’s sweat, then taste the world’s first Mr. Sato Salt rice balls

In Japan, rice balls can be flavored with almost anything, so we decided to make some from the most exclusive seasoning of all: salt made from Mr. Sato’s sweat!

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Perfectly timed photo at sumo match captures moment of surprising beauty, sumo super powers

Its popularity may be dwindling in today’s world of ultra-rich football and baseball teams and their players, but there’s something wonderfully dignified, almost majestic, about sumo. And as one photograph shared last weekend by the Japan Sumo Association shows, there is perhaps even more magic to be seen if only we could all just slow down and open our eyes a little more often.

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This ice cream’s special Okinawan ingredient will do more to keep away the heat

Regular readers may be aware that we’ve done a fair amount of reporting recently on the unrelenting heat here in Japan and on ways to battle the sweltering temperatures. Naturally, eating cold or frozen snacks is one way to cool down, but now major Japanese dairy manufacturer Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. has now come out with an ice cream with a special ingredient that does more than keep you cool. The secret is a special ingredient that, although commonly used in cooking, is not what you would typically expect to find in an ice cream!

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Boiling Spaghetti with Salt Shown to Do No Good for It

I freaking knew it!

Spaghetti and other pasta recipes have repeatedly asked us to “boil with salt” – a rule that has always baffled me. Once, early on in my cooking life, I decided to be a good boy and add the salt as requested only to find that it didn’t make a lick of difference to the end result. I haven’t looked back since.

In an interview with website, President Online, Tokyo Kasei University Graduate School of Home Economics, Keiko Nagao, puts this myth of boiling with salt to rest once and for all, thus saving us from a needless cooking step. Read More

French fries, or “furaido potato”, as they are called here in Japan, are the standard side order to all kinds of fast food.  Which fast food shop has the best tasting fries in Japan? My Navi News  decided to find out by canvassing 1000 working men and women from the ages of 22 to 32 on Japanese social networking service Mixi.

The results show the top fast food shops ranked by their french fries along with a few select comments from those polled. Their occupations and genders are also shown and although there may not be any direct correlation in occupation to french fry tastes, their education does suggest a discerning taste in french fry eating.  The gender of the people taking the survey appears to have absolutely no significance except that ‘gender role-happy’ Japan cares about such information.

The survey was conducted by simply asking, “Which fast food restaurant makes the best french fries?”

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Pepsi Highlights Underground Worldwide Fruit Trend with Their Newest Designer Flavor, “Salty Watermelon”

The newest in a line of seasonal limited edition Pepsi flavors has been announced by Japanese distributor Suntory.  Set to debut on 24 July is the red-colored Pepsi: Salty Watermelon.  Hopefully this is as awesome as Pepsi: Pink was.

But after reading the announcement I had to do a double-take.  The watermelon’s salty?

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