Shibuya rats appear on streets as people stay home during coronavirus outbreak【Pics, Video】

When people stay away, the rats come out to play. 

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Shibuya rats scuttle along streets in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis【Video】

This Tokyo area is now being nicknamed “Rat Land” by people in Japan.

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Shibuya convenience store overrun with rats 【Videos】

Turns out rodents love hanging out at konbini as much as people do.

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Tokyo braces for potential rat infestation as Tsukiji fish market closes

Moving day has come and gone for the people and fish, so next it’s the landmark’s rat population that’ll be looking for a new home.

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Crow, rat, and garbage capsule toys huge hit; perfect for creating “trashy” scenes

Anyone who has ever put out garbage in Japan has no doubt encountered the country’s monster crows, which put the little black birds the rest of the world knows to shame. They can grow up to 23 inches (58.5 centimeters) in lengh, and they will rip apart any garbage you put out if you don’t take all the proper precautions in sealing and covering it.

But since it’s Japan, even the giant crows and their fellow rat pests aren’t safe from being transformed into cute little gachapon capsule toys. They’re a huge hit online, apparently for people who love reenacting the times when their trash was torn to shreds.

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