Chinese Rip-off Austrian World Heritage Site, Austrians Shocked and Chinese Pleased

Hallstatt (above) is a beautiful village in upper Austria lying along the shores of the Hallstatter Lake, a World Heritage site which Austrians are proud of.

A Chinese company built a replica of Hallstatt’s architecture, subdividing the building into luxury apartments and putting them on the market. Needless to say, Austrians were astonished by their homeland architecture suddenly cropping up in China.

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Hey Wait, These Aren’t Oreos! Chinese Netizens Angered by Good Deed Rewarded with Rip-Off Snack

If you’ve ever donated blood in Japan, you probably know that blood donors are often given tasty drinks and snacks as a kind of Thank-you gift for their good deed. Well, the same is apparently true in China. However, a snack received by one particular blood donor in China has caused considerable anger among Chinese internet users on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter. Read More

Chinese Super Mario World Yogurt is Unsettling, Tastes Like Coffee Creamer

During our recent travels to China, we encountered a very strange product while at a grocery store in Erenhot, a small city located on the Mongolian border.

The product was a brand of drinkable yogurt featuring a character that looks eerily similar to Mario riding a green dinosaur that looks incredibly similar to Yoshi in a fashion that is blatantly similar to the box art of Super Mario World.

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iPhone5 on sale in China? Nope, this iPhone product needs to be frozen and eaten cold!

Time and time again, the Chinese have proven that they are champions when it comes to creating innovative rip-offs. No one would argue that they create rip-offs with world-class balls and skills. They particularly seem to love the iPhone, and we’ve seen them come up with some truly crazy iPhone rip-off ideas that have amazed even the Chinese themselves.

So, what have the Chinese come up with this time? Well, as the weather starts to get warmer, a certain “cool” iPhone related product seems to be hitting it big in China. The plastic package containing the product has “iPhone 5” written on it in both English and Chinese. Could this be the long awaited new iPhone in a simple package? Read More