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Ed Sheeran’s bromance with One Ok Rock frontman warms the hearts of fans around the world

Sushi date sees Taka finally reunite with the mate he calls a “f*#%ing genius”. 

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Ramen shop uses name of American rock band, gets invite to…Battle of the Bands?

‘Hardcore noodle shop’ in Tokyo received an invitation to rock out in the U.S. — or did they?

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Meet WHISPERED — the heavy metal band from Finland with a samurai spirit!

Sure, we know that Japanese samurai warriors, with their bushido code of honor and their sharp katana swords, are seriously cool, right? Well, such warriors may be an existence of the past, but we can understand how they continue to hold a strong fascination for people not just in Japan, but abroad as well.  To our delight, we’ve found a group of such samurai fans, in far away Finland no less, and they’re making their fondness for samurai and Japanese culture heard very loudly indeed!

Meet WHISPERED, the Finnish heavy metal band whose look and work have a decidedly Japanese and samurai theme. And judging from comments online, Internet users who’ve heard the band’s music seem to have good things to say in this case of Japan meets Scandinavia!

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