Japanese restaurant in former yukaku red light district struggles to preserve its history

Historic building used to be a brothel, now its ornate interiors are in danger of fading away.

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The Ozashiki Cafe — Japanese restaurant offers chance to spend time with real-life geisha!

Have you ever fantasized about the world of geisha? Even for most of us Japanese, the beautifully made-up and richly adorned geisha is an object of fascination and mystery, simply because the world they live and entertain in is so exclusive. Since it’s quite rare for the average Japanese person to have the opportunity to be entertained by professional geisha, many of us don’t really have an idea of what goes on in the tea houses (ochaya) and traditional restaurants (ryotei) where geisha perform, which is why the ryotei Miyakodori has come up with a one-day event called the “Ozashiki Cafe” to offer us a glimpse into the hidden world of geisha!

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