Do Tokyo’s Reversible Destiny Lofts really hold the power to reverse your destiny?

Architectural landmark is designed to expand your mind in new ways.

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Reversible Destiny Lofts needs your help to protect its destiny during coronavirus pandemic

Architectural landmark in Tokyo faces a shaky future.

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Japanese restaurant in former yukaku red light district struggles to preserve its history

Historic building used to be a brothel, now its ornate interiors are in danger of fading away.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo is scheduled to be demolished, needs your help

Architectural landmark will soon be gone forever, but there’s still a chance of preserving its history for the future.

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The “Venice of Japan” in Kyoto: a secret destination tourists don’t know about yet

If you’re looking for a spectacular tourist destination without all the tourists, you’ll want to visit Kyoto’s sleepy little fishing town that floats on the sea.

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Expensive “Cybernetic Mumification” of Japan’s Tree of Hope Draws Criticism from the Net

The city of Rikuzentakata was thoroughly devastated by the March 11 tsunami.  However, following the destruction a single 27 meter 200 year-old pine tree was left standing, the sole survivor of a forest of 70,000 trees along the coast line.  The tree had become a symbol of hope for the country and local government vowed to protect it at all costs.

However, for the past year the tree’s health had been fading fast and it doesn’t have much longer to live.  And so the city’s government is going to enact a preservation scheme which is rubbing Japanese netizens the wrong way due to its 150,000,000 yen (US$1.9M) price tag.

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