Weekly Shonen Sunday

Essential Inuyasha episodes to rewatch before the Yashahime anime sequel airs this fall

Today we’re counting down some pivotal episodes before the release of Yashahime this October. 

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Rumiko Takahashi returns! Creator of Inu-Yasha, Ranma 1/2 announces new manga serial

After four decades of hits, one year off was apparently enough for the legendary manga star.

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Weekly Shonen Sunday’s newest manga artist is a 16-year-old high school student

Said to be like “spending a pleasant Sunday,” Weekly Shonen Sunday is one of the top three manga publications in Japan. With a weekly circulation of one million copies, Weekly Shonen Sunday has featured many noted manga artists. But their newest contributor is relatively unknown in the manga community and surprisingly young.

Sabanoneko is in her first year of high school in Hiroshima Prefecture. Deemed a manga prodigy, she won Shonen Weekly Sunday’s Rookie of the Year award for the powerful expression of emotion in her work, Oni-Hime.

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Weekly Shonen Sunday’s 15 best sellers of all time show some readers prefer lovers not fighters

Previously we brought you the best of Weekly Shonen Jump titles chock-full of martial arts, magical battles, and gritty sports. This time we bring you the lighter side of manga with the best series from Weekly Shonen Sunday. Join us as we list the 15 best-selling romance, comedy, and drama comics from this top publisher.

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