Cardcaptor Sakura’s new manga isn’t a one-shot side story, but a sequel series set to start soon!

Sakura returns to monthly serialization as a junior high student.

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“Manga Drawing Kit” That Comes With Girls’ Comic Magazine Way Too Impressive To Be A Freebie

Did you love to draw as a child? If you’re a girl, chances are you went through a phase of being infatuated with drawing pictures of princesses wearing fluffy gowns and diamond tiaras. (Sorry, I wasn’t quite sure what little boys would be crazy about drawing.) Well, for those of you who haven’t quite grown out of that phase, a special little kit that comes free with a recent issue of a popular girls’ comic magazine may make you squeal with delight. In fact, it’s been a hot topic on the Japanese Internet and even has professional manga-ka (comic artists) interested and impressed. The topic of all this attention? It’s the “Super Mighty Comic Artist Set (Super Saikyo Manga-ka Set)” brought to you by the comic magazine Nakayoshi. Read More