One is a collection of oddly useful household goods while the other is a cosmetic paradise.

Daiso remains one of the most popular 100-yen chainstores around the world, offering an incredible amount of nifty products that can totally change your lifestyle from just one visit. But what exactly do Daiso stores look like in other countries? Do they stock the same goods as Japan?

Japanese-language editor Go Hattori has the answers to that, showing us that the famous 100-yen store is indeed quite different in other places. At least in Thailand. The two shops he checked out in Siam Square and shopping center Terminal 21 gave him a good idea of how things worked over there.

▼ Products start at 60 baht (209 yen, US$1.95).

The system resembles Daiso Japan’s in that goods start from a rather low price but at about twice the rate.

▼ Another thing he noticed was the abundance of cosmetics.

Daiso stores in Japan mostly stock a well-balanced mix of things like useful household items, a bit of clothing, stationery, and quality-of-life items. Go reckons that Daiso Thailand, on the other hand, dedicates about a quarter to a third of its lineup to beauty products, some of which include exclusive and original Daiso cosmetics found only in Thailand.

▼ Walls and shelves were packed full of daily necessities.

Almost as if every inch of space must be occupied with something, items lined the interior in a dazzling variety. Although many of them can be found in Japanese Daiso shops, Go felt that the selection distinctly catered to Thai people.

▼ The kitchen section looked quite different, too.

Where kitchen utensils like spatulas, whisks, and sieves are common back home, Daiso Thailand seems to focus more on IH pots and pans; a small but nevertheless important detail.

▼ The Daiso over here is advertised as
more of a “life coordinating store” than a 100 yen store.

▼ 200-baht umbrellas are situated at the store’s entrance,
which Go thought was quite expensive for a Daiso.

▼ The focus on beauty is palpable with all the cosmetics here.

▼ Not to mention the numerous facial and hair products on offer.

▼ Unicorn facial foam, anyone?

▼ This men’s deodorant line is actually a Daiso Thailand exclusive…

▼ … and so is this kiwi sunscreen.

▼ There were still plenty of Japanese goods around.

▼ Some of the package descriptions were printed in oddly written Japanese.

Go discovered that the numerous tiny differences between Daiso Thailand and Daiso Japan steered them in totally different directions, making him feel as if he was exploring the wonders of a 100-yen store all over again. Although the ones in Thailand might be a little more expensive and may not have the staggering variety boasted by Japan’s largest Daiso, their original cosmetic products are a refreshing twist that makes them a great place to check out nonetheless.

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