Reminder: Never ask the cops in Japan to shoot you

Man in Nagoya learns obvious lesson the hard way.

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Hyogo residents learn the downside to living in an apartment that used to be a yakuza office

Cheap rent and great location comes with some very bad history.

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High-ranking yakuza member shot on the street near his home in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Police unsure if man claiming responsibility is the actual gunman or just a fall guy.

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Knife-wielding man asks Osaka police officer to shoot him, officer complies

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

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Cosplaying Utah man was shot 5 times from behind by police

An autopsy performed on Darrien Hunt, the 22-year-old man shot and killed by police in Saratoga Springs, reveals that Hunt was shot five times from behind and had no drugs in his system.

The autopsy report shows that Hunt was shot once in the back, two times in the left hip, and three times in the upper arm. Five of the shots entered from behind, and one of the shots in his hip entered from the side toward the back. A total of seven shots were fired by police, six of which struck Hunt. The fatal shot to his back traveled in an upward direction.

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Family: Utah man was cosplaying Samurai Champloo when shot, killed by police

The lawyer for the family of Darrien Hunt, the 22-year-old man allegedly shot and killed by police officers in Saratoga Springs, Utah last week, said that the family believes Hunt was cosplaying an anime character when he was shot. In particular, the family’s attorney Randall Edwards said that they believe Hunt was dressed as the character Mugen from the anime Samurai Champloo, with a Japanese-style katana sword on his back.

On September 10, two officers confronted Hunt while he was carrying the sword near a credit union in Saratoga Springs. After one shot was fired near the credit union, Hunt was shot and killed about 200 yards away near a Panda Express restaurant.

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