Street Festa

A sexy penguin, Studio Ghibli cats, and other cosplayers take over Osaka for Street Festa【Pics】

Now in its 13th year, the Den Den Town event is one of the biggest otaku gatherings in central Japan.

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All the coolest Cosplay from the annual Nipponbashi Street Festival in Osaka!【Pics】

It’s Cosplay time as the Nipponbashi Street Festival hits Osaka (and Twitter) again this year!

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Undetonated one-ton U.S. bomb found near downtown Osaka

On the morning of March 16, workers at a the construction site for a new condo complex in Osaka were surprised when they hit something hard after excavating about two meters (6.6 feet) deep. They were even more surprised to find that what they found was an unexploded piece of ordnance left over from World War II.

The bomb was found very close to one of Osaka’s more densely populated areas and could cause major disruptions in the city as the Self Defense Force (SDF) considers declaring an evacuation zone during the removal operation.

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