Cat becomes head priest at Japanese shrine

Feline stationmaster takes on a new role at a special ceremony.

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Making trains meow-r fun: Japanese station master cats (and bunny!) strut their fluff【Pics】

Meet the five most popular (and fuzziest) train station masters in Japan.

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Train line celebrates the life of Stationmaster Tama the cat with in-train photo exhibit

Those of you who’ve read RocketNews24 for a while will remember the great and legendary Stationmaster Tama, Japan’s cutest feline stationmaster. Sadly, Tama passed away in June this, just a few short months after celebrating her 16th birthday. Though her replacement, Stationmaster Nitama, has already been appointed, we’ll never forget Tama. And it looks like Wakayama Electric Railway won’t either! The train line recently unveiled its photo exhibit of the cat, available for viewing on the Tama Train.

Is it dusty in here or is it just us? For some reason our eyes are starting to water up…

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Japan gets a new stationmaster cat as Nitama is officially named successor to the departed Tama

It was a sad day for cat lovers and train fans alike when Tama, the cute calico that had served as stationmaster of Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture since 2007, recently passed away. Heartbroken as Tama’s many supporters were, though, life goes on, and Wakayama Electric Railway has announced that Kishi now has a new feline stationmaster, as Tama’s understudy, Nitama, has officially taken over the position.

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Rest in peace, Tama – Japan’s stationmaster cat passes away at 16, company funeral to be held

It wasn’t long ago that we were wishing a happy birthday to Tama, the adorable feline that was given the title of Ultra Stationmaster by Wakayama Electric Railway. Having just turned 16 in April, Tama, who lived at Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture and delighted travelers on a daily basis, was incredibly young for a stationmaster.

16 is a fairly advanced age for a cat, though, and the sad news has just come that Stationmaster Tama has passed away.

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Happy 16th birthday to Stationmaster Tama, Wakayama’s favorite feline

Not only is April 29 Showa Day and a national holiday, it’s also the birthday of none other than Ultra Station Master Tama, the adorable feline in charge of Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture.

Tama was born in 1999, making this her sweet sixteenth bithday. She’s had a pretty good career for someone who hasn’t even finished high school yet!

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