Japanese YouTuber joins calls to delete Logan Paul’s YouTube account 【Video】

That Japanese Man Yuta explains why YouTube needs to take a stand against Paul’s disrespectful Japan videos.

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Student trolls classmates, teachers for entire year with fake Japanese accent 【Video】

See this half-Japanese student reveal his prank in this surprising finale to a video series in which he documents an elaborate social experiment.

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Canadian YouTuber explains why she quit working on Japanese TV

Prominent “J-YouTuber” tells of her bitter experiences working with Japanese TV.

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YouTube fashion vlogger goes on tour of Japan – and so can you! 【Video】

Does taking an eight-day vacation across Japan sound like a dream come true to you? Well then the first thing you should do is apply to have RocketNews24 make that dream actually come true.

The second thing you should do is watch the video recently posted by YouTube fashion vlogger Inthefrow which documents an eight-day vacation she and nine other bloggers were invited to go on. The best part of it all though: the exact trip they went on is available to anyone (even you!), and it’s good to have a backup plan just in case you don’t get picked in our own contest.

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Russian beauty talks about troubles foreigners face when first moving to Japan 【Video】

Japan attracts foreigners of all kinds and people decide to come here for all sorts of different reasons. But, as with any culture different from one’s own, there can be some aspects of Japanese culture that are hard for foreigners to wrap their heads around or get used to, such as deciding if you should help a crying girl.

Ashiya, a beautiful Russian expat, recently shared some of her difficulties upon coming to Japan on her YouTube channel*. We have a feeling that these will strike a chord with many other expats and internationalists interested in Japan as well, Russian or not.

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Expat blogger dishes on her favorite foods to bring back to Japan after a trip home

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you’re an expat, there’s something from home you’re craving. Whether it’s chips and salsa or a good, strong beer, not having easy access to your favorite foods can put a damper on even the most enthusiastic of world travelers. That’s why knowing what to bring back after a visit home is so important, and Sharla, a university student living in Tokyo who makes videos about life in Japan, is here to help. Take a look at her video titled “What to Pack for JAPAN 日本に持っていくべき物!” and be prepared to take some notes. As an added bonus, Sharla speaks in English but includes subtitles in Japanese so anyone studying either language can get some extra practice.
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