Study shows average age of Chinese millionaires’ death to be just 48 years old

Last week saw the execution of Chinese millionaire Liu Han. He was the president of Hanlong, a mining company that seemed to borrow their mission statement from Corleone Family, what with being involved in government corruption, weapons smuggling, murder, and dabbling a but of mining here and there.

He was also at one time named the 148th richest person in China according to Forbes Magazine. At the time of his death, this fact had inspired media in Chinese to conduct a millionaire mortality study which claims that the average age of death for a Chinese millionaire is a startlingly young 48 years old.

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Six habits of first class “business elites”, according to one cabin attendant

If you’re like us here at RocketNews24, you probably don’t spend a lot of time sitting in first class on airplanes. The cabin attendants always seem so grumpy when they have to come around with brooms and shoo us to the back of the plane where our seats are.

Aside from the legroom and complimentary champagne (or whatever first class fliers get), there is one other big difference between sitting at the front and in the back in economy: Your fellow passengers. Now, don’t get us wrong, everyone cramped in the back with us is great…but have you ever wondered what those fancy-shmancy passengers are like? Well, wonder no more! A Japanese cabin attendant has dished on the top six things she’s noticed about the wealthier passengers. And none of them are what you might be expecting.

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We get a taste of the high-life at a Thai mega-mansion equipped with giant chicken altar and Marilyn Monroe

While staying in Thailand, one of our reporters came across an expansive estate littered with colossal buildings. This was said to be the property of the Chairman of Saha Farms Group, Dr. Panya Choititawan.

As we will soon see, Dr. Choititawan seems to be a devout Buddhist and has opened his home, called Sukhawadee, to the public for a nominal fee of 200 bahts (US$6). It’s said the purpose was to give people a feeling of being a joint owner and treat them to the images of Buddha it contains. Kowloon Kurosawa, wanting to get a taste of success decided to take a look around.

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