Looking at this picture closely you can probably tell it’s a tiny cart, although it seems an equally odd idea to make a huge camera.

I bought this from Tokyu Hans the other day on a whim after hearing about it from the internet. Before you think I’m crazy I should mention, it’s remote controlled!

The idea of having a remote controlled cart appealed to me since I’m by no means a rich person and will probably never be able to get that robot butler I really want. At 2079 yen (US$27) this is a pretty reasonable consolation.

I felt a pang of buyer’s remorse after pulling my new cart from its packaging. It was much lighter than I expected and all made from plastic – not quite the heavy duty cart I thought I was getting.

But after taking it for a spin around the editorial department I was happy with the replies I got from female coworkers like “Awww that’s so cute! You could serve people tea with it.” or “I would never buy something like that, but can I try it out?”

And yet aside from getting people to notice me I can’t really find a good use for it. It has pretty good handling with the remote control and seems capable of hold various home or office items, but what everyday items do I need to send across rooms by remote control?

If any readers out there have suggestions please leave them in the comments. For the ladies, if you’re racking your brains for a Valentine’s Day gift this year, get the guy in your life one of these babies. Then please, please tell me how they make use of it.

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