So you’re taking a vacation to Japan via the Hello Kitty Jet to buy some Hello Kitty stationary, knick knacks, clothing, and accessories, but you don’t have a place to stay?  The Shinhankyu Hotel in Osaka has got you covered!

Starting March first they are making Hello Kitty themed Prince Kitty Rooms available, each decorated wall-to-wall with the infamous kitten along with her childhood companion Dear Daniel.  Everything in the room from the curtains to the sheets to the cushions is touched with the pink and white essence of Japan cutest cultural icon, all of which are exclusive designs for this hotel.

Reservations have been open since February 20th for the two-person room at a rate of 12,000 yen (US$ 150) per person per night, which isn’t bad considering the Shinhankyu is a high class luxury hotel.

In order to sweeten the deal you don’t have to feel shy about throwing of the room items in your bag before you leave.  Hotel management encourages you to take the original Hello Kitty toothbrushes, plastic cups, folding brushes, and compact mirrors only available from this hotel.  You’ll have to keep your paws off the actual room decorations though.

“We wanted to give Hello Kitty fans what it’s like to stay in a dreamland with Kitty White and Dear Daniel” explained a spokesperson for the hotel.  Considering it’s one of the finest hotel chains in the Japan, you can bet they deliver too.  It promises to be a sea of kawaii.

source: Umeda Keizai Shimbun(japanese) (japanese)