Well, that’s what we’re here for.

So, Americans love bacon. Bacon with eggs. Bacon with burgers. Bacon with waffles, even. We’ve even seen bacon with chocolate and other sweets.

Now, the fast-food chain “Jack in the Box” has put in its menu the Bacon Milkshake. And how does it taste, exactly? This curious reporter flew to the US to try it out. At $3, it’s hard to say if it’s cheap or expensive, and outwardly it looks like a normal vanilla-flavored shake, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Taking a closer look, thankfully there were no actual chunks of bacon floating around. Actually kind of nice and smooth-looking. Warily, I take my first mouthful…

Really freaking sweet. And salty(?) Hmm. So, there was that level of sweetness that made me think, “Yes, I’m in America!” Following that was this creeping saltiness. But not from real salt. Like from some kind of smoky bacon-flavored syrup they poured in. A bit disappointed I wasn’t shocked out of my head, I was able to get through the whole thing with no problem, pretty much like a normal shake. I tried giving it to some kids without explaining what it was, and they didn’t want more than one or two sips, saying it stunk of meat. Well, that’s what the makers were aiming for, wasn’t it?

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