Well, the combination of the first two was working out well, apparently. (For those of you who don’t know, there are many regional dialects / accents in Japan. The most easily found is likely the Kansai dialect, due to the huge number of comedians and entertainers you can see on TV.) In any case, following the logic of [cute girls] + [dialects] = [cute], they created a late-night TV program featuring these girls doing various  things in their respective dialects (PG-rated, presumably). Due to the skyrocketing popularity of the TV show, the next natural step was to … promote men’s electric shavers.

Now on Panasonic LAMDASH’s Youtube channel, you can see the girls each doing short spots begging, pestering, pleading, and coaxing you to use the Lamdash shaver and hinting at a happy future with you of one sort or another. When asked why the dialects are so appealing, the girls replied that they could speak truly from the heart, and express things that they can’t in standard Japanese. Perhaps this unrestrained aspect explains their popularity. You can check it out for yourself, regardless of your Japanese level, and see which dialects do a better job of grabbing a hold of your heartstrings.

One of the short spots:

Let’s get some coaching on how to use a shaver!

source: web R25 (Japanese)