Steamed pork buns get a sweet companion that’s grabbing everyone’s attention in Japan.

Steamed pork buns, or nikuman, as they’re known in Japan, are hugely popular around the country, especially in the colder months when their hot, meaty fillings seem extra delicious. This winter, there’s a new steamed bun filling that’s set to warm your insides while tantalising your eyes and your taste buds, and it’s one of the sweetest and most unusual varieties we’ve ever seen!

It’s called the Marugoto Purinman, which translates to “Whole Custard Pudding Steamed Bun”, and it delivers on its title with an entire custard pudding, or crème caramel, hidden inside a beautifully decorated steamed bun.


The custard pudding is made from whole egg yolks, to give it a smooth and creamy texture, while the surrounding dough is mixed with a caramel sauce to enhance the bun’s sweetness. Decorated with a cocoa topping, the whole thing is then carefully steamed, creating a delightful blend of rich and chewy textures that’s said to go well with a cup of good coffee.


The new sweet is part of a lineup of steamed buns coming to Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop from 20 January. The savoury bun series includes a “Cheeseman”, a “Pizzaman”, and an unusual-looking “Sausageman”.



While the custard pudding steamed bun will retail for 108 yen (US$0.94), the savoury steamed buns range in price from 118 – 148 yen. After the initial 20 January release in select Mini Stop convenience stores, the range will be rolled out at all Mini Stop outlets around the country from 27 January.

Source, images: @Press