“Man’s best friend” indeed! Dog’s reaction to owner collapsing during walkies is hilarious【Video】

As a lifelong cat person, I’m often told by die-hard dog people that cats are the inferior species due to their apparent lack of devotion to their owners. Unlike cats, I’m told, dogs are loyal, devoted, and really care for their human companions. So this Twitter video showing how a so-called “loyal” member of the canine species reacts to their “collapsed” owner during a walk had me laughing my socks off!

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Man with Dachshund Exposes Wiener (the privates not the dog), Still at Large (the man not the wiener)

Thanks to Hyogo Prefecture’s “Security Net” the public can easily access reports of crime occurring in their communities as it is reported. Earlier it had alerted local residents to a suspicious person resembling and acting like a motorcycle cop.

Now an odd case of indecent exposure involving a middle-aged man, school girl and a dachshund had occurred in Hamanomiya Park in Kakogawa city.

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