A sun bear cub residing in Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo was videoed having a frustrating time dealing with the door to its den.  It would seem the handle to the door was juuuuust out of reach of the bemused bear cub.  Even standing on its tip-toes it can’t quite make it. Then it starts spinning around, gets dizzy and falls on its back.

Prepare to go “Awww” hard.

It’s interesting how focused the little bear is on that door handle.  Does it just like the shiny object or does the bear really comprehend that that’s the key to its escape?

On the bright side, in a few weeks it should be big enough to reach the handle.  However, zookeepers don’t have the heart to tell the sun bear that it lacks the opposable thumbs to operate it.

Source: Kotaro Blog (Japanese)
Video: YouTube shijimaitazawa