Before I was five years old, I’d been chased, bitten and cornered by dogs no fewer than three times.

From then on, whenever we went on to the park or were out for a family stroll, the mere sight of a dog– be it leashed, unleashed, right in front of me or 100 metres away– would have me clinging to my parents’ legs, begging them to turn back.

If only we’d had a dog like this loveable little Shiba-inu, who lies patiently while his master rests towel after towel on top of his head, I’m sure it would have taken me far less time to get over my fear of dogs.

Coming from a NicoNico Douga user, this video has already proven to be a big hit in Japan.

So take a seat, sit back and count along with: “How many hand towels can I stack on my dog’s head?”

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Now that is one patient pooch.

Shiba-inu (lit. shiba dog) hail from Japan, and are believed to be among the oldest known breeds, with records showing that they have been around since as long ago as the 3rd century BC.

They were originally bred and used as hunting dogs, but are usually quite placid, if a little shy of strangers. Shibas have come to be incredibly popular pets here in Japan since they respond well to training and are not too large even when fully-grown, meaning that they can be kept in a reasonably small home without too much trouble.

And they’re pretty adorable when they’re pups, too. All together, now: Aaaaaaw!

Testament to the breed’s incredible patience, the dog featured in our video today seems remarkably unaffected from the start. He glances up just before the first towel is unceremoniously plonked on his head, but doesn’t even bother to lift his chin off the floor.

The second towel arrives and he still hasn’t budged an inch…

Towel number four and he still couldn’t care less…

Eight towels in…

Even after towel number ten when the pile starts to lean dangerously, our furry friend doesn’t move a muscle.

11 towels…

Jengaaaaa! 13 towels!

Could this be the most patient pet ever? Have you seen cuter? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Netorabo images NicoNico Douga Shiba inu puppy photo by Puppdogweb