With weather having turned cold, our intrepid Hyper Cool Biz Gentlemen Mr. Sato and Mr. Tashiro can finally put away their mankinis and start to pig out again.  It’s good timing seeing as Pizza Hut and Evangelion are joining promotional forces to give Eva fans a chance to win never before seen merchandise.

From now to 16 December, if you buy Pizza Hut’s new “Hut Onebox” pizza combo with chicken nuggets and fries you get a chance to win Evangelion goodies such as a cushion shaped like an entry plug.

“Entry plug cushion” might sound disgusting to non-fans. An entry plug is the capsule that people control the giant Eva cyborgs in.

Follow our gentlemen as they excitedly order their pizzas like two kids in a… pizza and Evangelion shop.  What will they win?

Mr. Tashiro: “Hey, Mr. Sato! Now if you order a Hut Onebox from Pizza Hut you can win some Evangelion goods!”

Mr. Sato: “For real?! Hurry up and order!”

Mr. Tashiro: “Well, since I’m the badass-mafia-don-gangsta up in here, I’ll be getting the ‘Sicilian Pizza.’ How about you Mr. Sato?”
Mr. Sato: “I feel like something Japanese sooooo, put me down for ‘Teriyaki Chicken.’ I’m gonna get my ninja on later.”

Mr. Sato: “Pizza’s here!”
Mr. Tashiro: “Whoa, fast! That’s Pizza Hut for ya!”

Together: “It’s… beautiful!”


Together: “…”

Mr. Sato: “Now that we’re finished, we can check the numbers on our cards to see if we won anything!”

Mr. Sato: “Just scratch off the number…”

Mr. Tashiro: “Enter the number…”

Mr. Tashiro: “Look. I could really use that if I won.”
Mr. Sato: “Yeah. Think of the quality naps we could get with that cushion.”

Mr. Tashiro: “Oh my god I won!!! It says I can get a… desktop wallpaper or a cover image for my facebook page.  Hmmm, that’s kind of…”

Together:  KICKASSSSSS!!! Now, every day we can look at Rei while we work.


And so, Mr. Tashiro and Mr. Sato applied the Rei wallpaper to their desktops right away and went about their day with an extra spring in their step.  Unbeknownst to them, the Rei wallpaper and Facebook images are given away to everyone who enters a number.

We didn’t have the heart to tell them.

Source: Pizza Hut (Japanese)
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