Like many other little girls, 4-year-old Kazuki loves to play dress up, dance around the room and sing her heart out. What sets her apart from other toddler divas though, is that she has a mother just as enthusiastic about her playtime habits as she is.

When Kazuki says she wants to become Hatsune Miku, mom wastes no time in hitting the sewing machine. Once her custom outfit is done, mom sticks a microphone in her hand, starts the music, and its lights, camera, action.

Not wanting to keep her daughter’s talent to herself, Kazuki’s mom created the YouTube channel “Kazuki’s Room” to share their playroom productions with the world. We’ve posted a few of the best below. Just make sure to have a pillow or something soft on hand to squeeze the life out of because these videos are unbearably adorable.

■ Momo Kuro Pokemon – BW (Mitemite☆Kochichi)

■ Hatsune Miku (Chibi Miku)

“My daughter loves Hatsune Miku recently. She told me, “I’m going to be Chibi Miku!”, so I whipped up costume for her. I cut a few corners (lol) but she’s absolutely elated to become Miku. Her she sings and dances “Po pi po.” Please watch!”

■ Hatsune Miku (Chibi Miku) Cat Version

“In celebration of our 100th video, we’ve decided to do my daughter’s favorite Hatsune Miku. She adores cat Miku; here she is “nyan nyan”ing the best she can (lol).”

Kazuki also gave Kagamine Rin a spin, with her mom accompanying her on piano:

■ Kagamine Rin

■ Yamato Nadeshiko, Sakihokre (Hatsune Miku)

“I remade a kimono I had 35 years ago. I wasted no time putting it on my daughter and having her dance for me.”

At first we thought it was Kazuki leading her mom around by the nose, but it looks like it might be the other way around…

Sometimes mom and big brother join in the festivities as well. Oh the things that happen while dad is at work…

And finally, a self-introduction by Kazuki:

This is all going to be excruciatingly embarrassing for Kazuki when she’s older…

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Source: YouTube