Things are getting busy for the unsung hero of clothing, underwear.  In recent years developments in the underwear technology sector have been coming in fast and furious.

The following is a report of some progressive underpants that promise to cut smells, back pain and will rub your belly while you sleep.

1. Goldwin Maxifresh Plus (MXP)

Goldwin’s MXP line of underpants and undershirts were designed for Japanese astronauts working on the International Space Station.  There are no showers working up there while orbiting the Earth, which can make things pretty rank in those close quarters.

MXP underwear should not be confused with Dr. Ohge’s Inodore line we previously reported on, but let’s see how the two brands match up for odor reduction.

                             MXP      Indoroe

Old Age Smell
Noneal                  82%         89%

Amonia                 92%         98%
Actic Acid             92%         95%
Valeric Acid          99%         99%

Fart, Feces, Urine
Indole                   N/A           99%
Hydrogen Sulfide  N/A          97%

It appears Indore edges out MXP in the tale of the tape.  MXP didn’t even show up to the fart, feces, and urine party, which suggests astronauts don’t have to worry about that.  That should change since I heard the Korean ones get freeze dried kimchi to take with them.

2. Nemomina

Nemomina is a brand of leggings which you wear when sleeping.  They have built-in “fingers” over the abdomen which press in and out when you roll around as you sleep. This gives the effect of a stomach massage, saving both the time and money of a real one.

The actual effect this has on your body depends on what you believe about belly massages.  Some people claim they lead to weight loss and better digestion.  Whether that’s true or not, everyone likes a good belly rub—  just ask your dog.

These are designed by Wacoal. As the maker of shorts which keep guys in chinpoji, it’s a name you can trust.

3. Magneceleb

Released by Triumph, these tops and bottoms contain tiny magnets which reportedly help ease muscles and provide a warming sensation to the body.

These magnets are often sold as adhesives you stick to your skin like band-aids in a product called Pip Elekiban.  It is said that the very low level electromagnetic field these emit is good for muscle problems.  While many think that these items have no scientific validity, the people who use them swear by their healing powers.

So there’s what’s going on for the world of underwearcraft for now.  As always, RocketNews24 is committed to shedding light where the sun doesn’t shine.

Source: Yahoo! R25 (Japanese)
Images: Goldwin, Wacoal, Triumph, e2han

Here are some diagrams illustrating how Nemomina work