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Everyone on Earth be they young or old, man or woman, human or animal loves a good sit in a warm place.  That’s the main reason for the hot spring’s popularity in many parts of the world.

However, we caught word of one or more young females who love bathing so much they want to do it publicly on camera for the whole world to see!  You have to hurry though there’s only a short time to see it.

That’s right the painfully cute capybaras of Nagasaki Bio Park are adorably enjoying a soak in hot springs live on the internet.

Previously limited to visitors, now we can all watch these South American rodents with a permanently serious expression.

Capybaras are not native to Japan but surprisingly became instantly fond of the natural warmth provided by hot springs.  The Japanese population had responded by falling in love with them.

News of the live streaming video came through the capybara’s facebook page run by Shaboten Park in Izu and Nagasaki Bio Park. In case you missed this chance you can keep an eye on that page for future streams!

Source: Bathing Capybara on facebook (Japanese)


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