We try KFC Japan's deep-fried soup4

Since September 5, Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan has started selling what they call a “corn potage fritter.” It sounds fancy, but when you really get down to it, it’s just deep-fried soup. To our Japanese reporter who hasn’t been versed in the wide variety of bizarre things Americans manage to fry up at county fairs across the United States, the very idea of fried soup was quite surprising. Half-convinced that such a snack even existed, he went down to his nearest KFC and gave it a try.

It looks like oban-yaki, the batter is hard

Oban-yaki is a Japanese cake filled with sweet bean paste, and our reporter thought the corn potage fritter resembled one. The outside of the fritter was a bit scraggly and felt really hard. We figure that if the batter was too soft, the soup would drip out everywhere, so KFC had to fry the batter until it was extra crispy.

We try KFC Japan's deep-fried soup

The sweetness of the corn is divine!

After admiring the strange snack for a few seconds longer, our reporter took his first hesitant bite. Before biting in, he imagined liquid soup running down his face as he freed the corn potage from it’s fried outer casing, but it actually stayed in place quite nicely. You could even say it was solidified, having the consistency of bean paste. You will be relieve to know that there is no danger of spilling this version of corn potage soup.

Overall, the flavor was a bit salty for our reporter’s taste. But the saltiness paired quite nicely with the sweetness of the corn. Plus, the lumpiness of the corn makes it really fun to eat!

We try KFC Japan's deep-fried soup4

A modern version of the Colonel’s menu

Last year, KFC released the autobiography of Colonel Sanders for free on Facebook. The book included a few of the Colonel’s favorite traditional recipes, including potato pancakes, pecan pie, and fried tomatoes. Corn potage fritters were no where to be found, but the Colonel’s potato bacon fritter has been cited as the inspiration for the corn potage variant. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is a modern version of a classic Colonel recipe.

One corn potage fritter sells for 150 yen (US$1.50) and it will only be around for a limited time. Hurry on over to your nearest KFC in Japan before they’re gone!

We try KFC Japan's deep-fried soup3

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