Kao Japan is preparing to release the newest addition to their line of Healthya brand health drinks. In addition to their existing collection of waters and teas, things are getting a little more flavorful with fat-burning “Healthya Coffee.”

Healthya Coffee doesn’t use added “fat blockers” like Pepsi Special nor does it add fiber supplements like Mets Zero, two previously released colas that claim fat busting prowess. Rather, Kao has spent 10 years developing a technique to use the existing components of coffee to produce healthy effects.

First, the Healthya coffee beans are roasted two and a half times that of usual beans. This increases the amount of chlorogenic acid twofold (270mg per can). Kao claims that they observed a fat processing effect from this polyphenol.

To compensate for the extra roasting, Kao uses a “nanotrap” which reduces the oxides produced from roasting to one-fiftieth the amount of regular coffees. They say that this also creates a unique aftertaste.

In a 12-week trial the maker reported an average of 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.) lost in a group of 109 obese men and women. By drinking one 185 mL can a day, 25 percent of the subjects reported weight loss after four weeks, 51 percent after eight weeks and 72 percent after 12 weeks.

On 27 March a press conference was held by the president of Kao Michitaka Sawada and Healthya spokesperson Patrick Harlan, one half of the comedy team Pakkun Makkun.  At the conference President Sawada said:

“Currently about 50 percent of men suffer from metabolic syndrome. Action must be taken at an early stage for this. Coffee and tea are the world’s two most consumed beverages and drinks that business people come into contact with on a daily basis.

We encourage you to take the chance to reevaluate your lifestyle and substitute your regular coffee with Healthya Coffee.”

Healthya Coffee will be released across Japan on 4 April as the nation’s first “health coffee” and is expected to sell for 150 yen (US$1.60) per can. It will be available in two types; Sugar-Free Black and Sugar-Light with Milk.

Source: Kao via My Navi News (Japanese)