Baskin Robbins 31 percent discount

This year’s Golden Week is shaping up to be awesome. Not only do people living in Japan get a handful of government sanctioned holidays sprinkled throughout the first week of May, we also get some sweet deals on food. Not only is McDonald’s giving away a free in-car “potato holder” to patrons who purchase a meal deal with a large order of fries, but Baskin Robbins Japan has just announced a 31 percent discount on a double scoop of ice cream during Golden Week!

The official campaign starts on April 27 and lasts until May 9. Patrons can choose between a double scoop in a cone or cup and there’s no limit to how many you can order at 31 percent off the regular price. To make this news even sweeter, Baskin Robbins Japan also announced the addition of a new flavor for May: Oreo Chocolate Mint. Who knew you could make Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream even better.

Orea Chocolate Mint

Have a great Golden Week everyone! Enjoy stuffing yourselves full of cheap ice cream and cruising around while munching on McDonald’s fries.
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