It comes with everything you need to pretend your home is a Baskin Robbins!

If you’re a Baskin Robbins Japan fan, or even someone who just likes ice cream, you’ll be delighted to know that the popular ice cream shop is extending sales of its previously limited-time-only Happiness Box, which originally came out in May, due to popular demand.

The Happiness Box is an ice cream-lover’s dream because it comes with two Mini Fresh Packs of Baskin Robbins’ beloved ice cream, which can feed up to three people and can contain up to two different flavors of your choice, an exclusive Baskin Robbins ice cream scoop, six sugar cones, and a cone stand, all in one adorable box.

Part of the appeal is the ice cream scoop, which comes with the Baskin Robbins logo on it. You can’t get it anywhere else, so it’s basically a collector’s item! With it, you can pretend to have an ice cream shop right in your home, which is lots of fun if you have little ones.

The ice cream, cones, and cone stand are also distinct bonuses, and you can buy Mini Fresh Packs all year round, so if you want to “play Baskin Robbins” again, you can! Each Mini Fresh Pack sells for 930 yen. You can also buy a Fresh Pack, which feeds six, for 1,760 yen, or a Super Fresh Pack, which feeds 12, for 3,320 yen.

▼ A fresh pack

Fans of the Happiness Box, which was originally released in May, said on social media that both adults and children enjoyed it. One person even used it to set up a pretend ice cream shop for their child’s birthday. It was so popular that it ran out of stock, and customers who eagerly awaited a restock snatched them up as soon as they saw them.

Since it was so popular, Baskin Robbins has expanded the number of Happiness Boxes being made, so you still have a chance to buy one before the summer ends. It has a suggested retail price of 3,300 yen (US$23), but prices vary from store to store. With the summer heat beating down on us, there’s no better time to have an ice cream party at home, so why not pick one up? If you’re not sure which flavors to get, check out this article to find out the six flavors recommended by Baskin Robbins staff.

Source, images: PR Times
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