Get ready to take a seat on Muji’s new lightweight and easily portable Sofa Made from Air

Muji takes the minimalism it’s known for to the next air-cushiony level.

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Japan’s new portable handheld microwave shoots to the top of our cooking gadget wish list

No cord, and no cold food either.

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New stainless steel Pokémon tableware promises to be useful in all sorts of scenarios

Add convenient Pokémon plates and mugs to your next Pokémon “picnic”!

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We test out the portable shower backpack Amazon recommended to us (which also only has two stars)

Why was this product recommended over others with better reviews? We try to find out. 

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This USB device exists solely to warm up rice balls, and honestly, it does a great job

We just wish it could warm up more than one at a time.

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Doing a load of laundry in an office trash can with the pocket-sized washing machine Nival

We finally get a chance to test this portable laundromat and see just how clean it can make your clothes.

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New portable Napkin Table is indispensable for all your picnic needs

We here at RocketNews24 take pride in introducing you to all manner of strange things to come out of Asia, which most definitely includes news about any bizarre inventions we see floating around.

This time, our “Pointless Asian Invention of the Week” is sure to make you chortle. Introducing the Napkin Table, the perfect portable table for whenever you find yourself out in the wilderness with your partner and need a place to picnic!

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Keep your clothes looking sharp on the go with a Portable Trouser Press

It’s a problem all professionals have to face. You’re meeting a client out of town but after an extended period in your vehicle of choice, your collar’s flattened, pants are saggy, and your tie is crinkled making you look like some kind of hungover 1950s gumshoe.

I used to avoid losing valuable creases in my clothing by travelling naked. However, after my second suspended sentence I was thrilled when my parole officer recommended the Portable Trouser Press to me. It’s fantastic!

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We Take Our New Wii U for a Ride on a Bullet Train, Works Like a Charm

The Wii U — Nintendo’s first new home console in six years — may not be available until next Saturday here in Japan, but that didn’t stop our team getting hold of a North American unit and getting stuck into some quality gaming early.

Gamers among you will already know a little about Nintendo’s newest baby, but for the uninitiated, here it is in a nutshell: the Wii U combines the remote-wielding mayhem of everyone’s favourite Nintendo system with a unique new controller featuring a touch screen that can be used with or without a TV set, all topped off with a layer of gorgeous high-definition visuals. The idea is that the player uses the screen to interaxct with their games in a new way or, as we did here, use the gamepad screen in place of a TV set.

Sounds good, right?

But until we got our hands on a Wii U, we never fully appreciated just how much of a game-changer it was. We’ve played Sony PSP and Nintendo DS consoles on the go for years now, but imagine being able to take your actual home games console out on the road. Or how about on a high speed train…

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Sugoi Battery = Great Battery

Everyone heard about the thousands of people who were affected by a great disaster in the USA recently.  Of course, I’m talking about ultra-conservatives and the re-election of Barack Obama.

For all the people moving into Unabomber-style shacks and waiting for the inevitable collapse of American society, we have great news!  Sugoi Battery is exactly what you need to survive a disaster in the wilderness comfortably!

The name is derived from the Japanese word sugoi, which means great, awesome, kick-ass, and all that.  So you can imagine it’s quite the power supply.

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