Fujiya summer drinkable cream puffFor real, the best part of a cream puff is the cream, right? I mean, that thin bread-like exterior only serves to keep us one step farther away from the delicious juicy insides. But with the invention of the drinkable cream puff, inserting a straw into the specially designed pastry gives you direct access to the slightly soupier prize inside.

Drinkable cream puffs aren’t new, but this year’s are twenty percent bigger and come in two new flavors!

This summer, Fujiya will bring back their popular pastry, officially named “Summer Choux Cream.” The overstuffed cream puffs come in “coffee jelly in milk custard” and “milk jelly in custard” flavors. People living in the Kanto region can enjoy this summer treat starting from June 27; the rest of Japan will have to wait until July 2.

drinkable cream puff

Last year’s drinkable cream puff. Can’t wait to find out what the insides of the coffee and milk jelly versions will look like.

So this summer, if you find yourself near a Fujiya shop, you can grab your own drinkable cream puff for 250 yen (US$2.56). Just stick the straw in, drink up, and even though the cream will eventually all disappear, I guess…if you reeeally want to…you can eat the choux pastry outside.

Source: Jin115