muffin top

McDonald’s Japan is getting fresh with us this summer, and they’re not even waiting ‘til noon.

The ubiquitous chain announced a summer-only new breakfast menu item, the Fresh Muffin, which will feature a sausage patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and, as has been Japanese tradition since ancient samurai times, a dollop of mayonnaise the size of a fist.

The “fresh” in the name refers to the fresh tomato used, but fret not – this delicious new menu item is just as unhealthy and guilt-inducing as the Habanero Quarter Pounder, just like McDonald’s is supposed to be.

McDonald’s new breakfast item will be available from July 1 until the end of August, and retail for between 280 – 310 yen (US$2.80-3.10)

Source: NicoNico News