A chance encounter on the roads of Thailand led Mike Swift to take a video of a biker so awesomely weird that he put it out on YouTube as soon as possible. At first you’ll notice the pet bird which obediently flies alongside the woman as she rides, which is wild enough, but you’ll soon find that this little half-minute clip is deceptively deep.

How to deck out your scooter in Thailand checklist:

Pet Bird

From many years up until getting kicked out of the American Birding Association and having my checklist erased for HGH use, I’d have to say that’s a lovebird joining this woman on her ride. Watching it I can’t help but wonder how she figured out to do this.


You’re going to want to make sure you’re ready for the Mad Maxian nuclear wasteland that should be coming any day now by strapping your scooter up with a rifle, shotgun, and sawed-off shotgun. There could be more but we can’t see the other side of the bike.

Cattle Skull

This video has inspired me to put the skull of a bull on my Prius but my local skull vendor was sold out so I got a pigeon’s instead. It was really difficult to paint the sheriff’s badge on its little forehead.

Surely there’s still a lot to that bike I’m overlooking. There seems to be something going on with the mirrors but it’s difficult to see. So check out the video and each time you’ll probably see something new.

Source: YouTube – OfficialSwick, via Kotaro 269 (Japanese)