We see if we’ll get our money’s worth with the takeout salad buffet.

During the various stages of lockdown over the past couple of months, it’s been tough for some of us to keep eating healthily. Whether a new-found love for baking yields yet another batch of peanut butter cookies, or you’re just making the most of your favourite restaurant doing takeout, the battle to eat healthily is even tougher when you’re stuck at home.

So when our Japanese-language reporter Mr. Sato came across the Sizzler “Salad Bar At Home“, he was intrigued. The American chain restaurant is well-known for its salad bar, and as everyone knows, Mr. Sato is a man who treats his body like a temple and is very careful about what he consumes, so a ‘salad bar at home’ seemed ideal. But as any regular Sizzler customer will know, the salad bar is an ‘all-you-can-eat’ affair, with customers free to eat as little or as much as they like. So how much food does Sizzler consider to be a home version of ‘all-you-can-eat’? 

▼ It looks something like this.

▼ Sizzler’s famous Cheese Toast

▼ A leafy salad with four kinds of dressing

The ‘Salad Bar At Home’ set costs 2,980 yen (US$28) and consists of six salad cups of your choice, some fresh salad, bread and cheese toast. With a recently renewed menu, you can choose from the twelve different kinds of deli salads, including couscous, potato salad, coleslaw or fruits like orange and grapefruit to put in your salad cups. Yum!

▼ The menu, with some 15-percent-off coupons at the bottom…

On top of the six salad cups, a Paprika and Cucumber salad cup and a Tomato and Broccoli salad cup are included in the set, so you really are getting bang for your buck.

With all the food lined up on the table, Mr. Sato was really impressed. The amount of food is more than enough to fill your stomach; in fact, the serving suggestion recommends that there’s enough food in the set for three to four people. Mr. Sato recommends putting the food on a small plate, to make you really feel like you’re eating at a salad bar restaurant!

For those of us who consider the words ‘all-you-can-eat’ to be a personal challenge, this salad bar might just fall short of your expectations. But if you’re looking to mix up your usual boring old take-out with something more exciting, Mr. Sato suggests giving Sizzler’s Salad Bar At Home a try. Incidentally, it appears that Mr. Sato has four coupons for 15-percent off all takeout menus, so if you ask him nicely, maybe he can help you out.

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