There are probably very few of us who haven’t been touched by Disney magic at one time or another, and I’m sure we all have our favorite Disney characters (whether childhood or current). Well, have you ever thought about what it may be like to receive a letter from your Disney character? It turns out, there’s a way to actually make that happen!

A writer at Japanese information site nanapi shared this fun little tip with the public in a recent article. In it, the writer tells us that she loves Tokyo Disneyland and visits the park at least once a year.

According to the writer, there’s a very simple way to receive a letter from the Disney character of your choice. All you have to do is prepare a letter containing your name and address in an envelope addressed to your favorite character, and drop it in one of the post boxes in the park, or hand it directly to the character if you have the chance to meet him or her in person.

Now, the writer does mention that you’re not 100 percent guaranteed to receive a reply, but it seems you have a fairly good chance, especially if you make it known in your letter that a birthday or special anniversary is coming up.

The writer also tells about her family’s actual experience communicating with Disney characters. In the case of her two children, they both wrote letters to their favorite character, Mickey Mouse, and were able to hand their letters to him directly when they met him at a designated “Meet Mickey” spot in the park. They eventually both received reply postcards and were delighted. Understandably, it’s quite a treat for the children to have some of the excitement continue after they’ve left the land of dreams and magic. The writer also informs us that the design of the reply postcards changes regularly, so if you’re a regular visitor, it can be a lot of fun to send a letter every time you’re at the park and keep a collection of the postcards you receive.

One piece of advice she does give readers is that although children may have a great time writing letters to their favorite Disney character, if your child is small, parents may want to write the return address themselves to make sure you’re able to receive a reply. After all, you wouldn’t want your children to be disappointed simply because the return address wasn’t quite legible.

With summer vacation just having started here in Japan, one thing we can say for sure is that the park is going to be filled with schoolkids and parents over the next month and a half, which means Mickey and his friends will be having one heck of a busy time greeting visitors and replying to all the mail they’re bound to receive. How the kids and parents manage to stand in the long lines in the heat is, we have to say, quite beyond our comprehension.

So, that’s our Disney tip for the day. Unfortunately, we’re not exactly sure if they send replies to overseas addresses, but if you’re going to be at Tokyo Disneyland, you could certainly ask one of the friendly cast members if there’s a chance of receiving a reply overseas and give it a try!

Source: nanapi