Nothing could prepare him for this shock à l’orange.

A big part of the magic of Disney is getting to see the wonderful Disney characters around the park. They even sell autograph books so that you can get written proof that you met the characters you’ve seen on the screen. What is especially nice, is that the characters often wander around the parks, which means you can see them just about anywhere. And since Disney has very strict performance rules, whenever you see any of them, they will always be in character.

▼ They’re here to make your day extremely memorable.

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It’s likely that you will run into one of Disney’s classic characters in a random part of the park since they aren’t tied down to a particular movie or themed area. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and others are always a blast to meet, but a big fan favorite in Japan is definitely Donald Duck.

One lucky Japanese visitor @disneylove_22 bumped into the famous duck inside a Disney buffet restaurant and seemed to have quite the unique interaction. Thankfully, they were able to capture that moment and share it on Twitter. (Be sure to click on the images for the play-by-play!)

“Donald looked at the food, then came over to show me something. He was crying! I didn’t know what was going on, until I saw what was written on the card lol.”

For those who didn’t click on the Twitter pictures, spoiler alert: the food being served is duck breast teriyaki! No wonder Donald was in tears….

Could it be possible that a relative or someone Donald Duck knew was a victim of the buffet? The same question ran through the mind of @disneylove_22 and they asked:

▼ “I asked if it was a friend of his, and he said no, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Also by the way, I took some of it in front of him lol.”

Here’s some reactions from Japanese Twitter users:

“I think he just wanted to point out the spelling mistake on the card: it says ‘terikyak’ not ‘teriyaki.'”
“Donald is so cute when he’s embarrassed and hides his face like that.”
“Does this count as cannibalism?”
“Wait… were those his relatives being served?!”

Hopefully, Donald was able to make it out of the restaurant without any chefs eyeing his delicious hindquarters! As for his friends in Tokyo and his illegitimate child in Myanmar, however, we can make no guarantees. Stay safe, Donald Duck!

Source, featured image: Twitter/Disneylove_22