These days it seems all you can find are mechanical car washes scattered across our urban landscape. Sure they might be cheap and fast, but would you trust your beloved vehicle and decal of Calvin and Hobbs peeing on a Ford logo to the cold uncaring hands of a machine?

No, sir! What you need is the warm and gentle touch that only a woman can offer – a woman wearing a swimsuit since washing a car involves lots of water of course. Also, because school swimsuits offer the most durability they would have to wear those at Swimsuit Carwash in Akihabara.

You see, there’s an excuse reason for everything, including the 10,000 yen (US$100) price tag that comes with the experience.

Swimsuit Carwash in Akihabara will run from 25 July until 30 August in the S3 Warehouse in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Once you enter, a pair of swimsuit-clad women will begin to hose down your car. From there they will start a 20-minute process which includes sponging, high pressure rinses, hand drying, and tire waxing along with a few unnamed “finishing touches”.

During the initial hose-down, customers are allowed to remain in their cars, but when the suds start flying they must exit the vehicle and watch these cleaning mavens at work. Of course if the highly skilled cleaning abilities of the girls are too much for you to comprehend, you can always take a pleasant walk around the warehouse complex where this car wash is situated.

Also, you’re not allowed to take photographs of the process as it’s highly confidential and can’t fall into the hands of rival washing companies. However, you are able to enjoy a complimentary drink. After all is said and done, the ladies will take a memorial photo with you in front of your freshly cleaned ride and you’ll receive a certificate along with your photo.

Boy, this level of personal service reminds me of when I took my car in for a wash back in the day. I still have my memorial photo with César and Richie in front of my 1990 Toyota Camry.

Anyway, if you’d like one of these highly professional soap jobs you must make a reservation through the Swimsuit Carwash in Akihabara website. While you’re doing so, be sure to check out the restrictions. For example, high-end cars like Rolls-Royces and Ferraris will not be accepted. That’s important to know since people willing to drop a C-note on a carwash would probably drive a car like those.

Source: Swimsuit Carwash Akihabara via IT Media (Japanese)

Discreetly located in this warehouse.