This July 28, Fuji-Q will open the doors to its new attraction, “Fortress of No Hope”. They say they’re aiming for a 0% success rate of escape from the walk-through maze building. Guests will contend (presumably enjoyably) with innumerable doors, halls, and rooms, all under a time limit. In addition, you progress through levels of increasing difficulty, with more and more hidden clues and invisible doors.

The designers aim to test guests’ memory, imagination, stamina, wisdom, and of course, luck. No “blind luck” successes, though! Successful escapees will be awarded some sort of yet-to-be-announced prize. This new “fortress” spans 3300 square meters and is supposed to be one step above the park’s existing haunted house attraction, “Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear”. (At least they’re transparent with their names.) It’s also supposed to be good for guests elementary school-age and above, costs 800 yen, and should take a minimum of 30 minutes, a maximum of … what will they do with all the bodies?