If you were asked to think of the most loved fast food restaurant in the world, surely it would have to be the big M. After all, it is a place that, regardless of age and status, anyone can relax in the laid back atmosphere and indulge themselves in guilty fast-food pleasures.

In the Philippines there is one style of McDonald’s that arguably defies all traditional views of what a Mickey D’s represents. Its unique point lies in the fact that it is just like a food stall you’re likely to come across walking down your local street, and you won’t find a single hamburger or carton of fries on the menu.

That’s right. In the Philippines, there’s a McDonald’s that looks distinctively like a food truck. However, in line with its simple exterior the food is also somewhat limited.

The only items it sells are….


… drinks and ice cream!

When you think about it, not many other fast food chains go so far as to branch out into product-specific shops like this. It really demonstrates the strength and confidence of the McDonald’s brand. We’re sure the name alone prompts many passers-by to stop and grab a light refreshment or two.


Looking too good to pass up, we went straight ahead and ordered a chocolate ice cream. Admittedly we were a little surprised that the base was vanilla and not actual chocolate–after all, it is named “chocolate soft-serve ice cream”–but having a vanilla base also has one serious strong point: it means that McDonald’s is able to provide a variety of different flavors all rather easily using one basic ingredient. We should add that, in addition to chocolate, there was a purple sweet potato and strawberry flavor toppings as well.

As for the taste? In a word, delicious!


The way it was made was all rather straight forward, so judging it by looks alone we expected the taste to be on the average side. But how mistaken we were! The chocolate sauce was much richer than we expected and it mixed in perfectly with the vanilla soft ice cream to create a serious tastebud explosion. What’s more, despite having a vanilla base, the taste was the same as a chocolate soft ice cream. This all goes to prove that simple really is best!

McDonald’s that sells spaghetti!

On a parting note, we’d just like to add that there are also McDonald’s restaurants in the Philippines selling everything from hamburgers and fried chicken right across to spaghetti. If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, why not check it out for yourselves?

You can track down this unique McDonald’s at the following address. Be sure to let us know what you think if you’re in the area.

SM Makati, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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