Limited-edition series is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

From new teriyaki burgers through to retro packaging featuring Speedee, the original pre-Ronald McDonald mascot, the fast food chain with the golden arches has been making it particularly hard for us to resist their charms lately.

Now we’ve resigned to succumb to them completely, following the announcement that they’ll be bringing out a brand new “trio” of offerings featuring none other than Pikachu, the beloved bright yellow Pocket Monster from Pokémon.

The new collection is called “Sweets Trio Furuchu“, with the Japanese pronunciation of the word “fruit” (“furutsu“) changed to “furuchu” to resemble the word “Pikachu“. And it’s not just a new series of packaging we have to look forward to, but a brand new lineup of tasty treats, featuring three exciting fruit flavours.

First up, we have the McShake, which comes in a yellow peach flavour that’s said to fill your mouth with creamy textures and the refreshing aroma and sweetness of the fruit. The McShake comes in a small size for 120 yen (US$1.09), with three different designs to collect…

▼ …and a medium-size, for 200 yen, which also features three different Pikachu designs.

Then there’s the Chocolate Banana McFlurry, which combines milky soft serve ice cream with a slightly sweet banana sauce, rich chocolate sauce, and crispy banana-flavoured crushed corn pieces.

▼ Priced at 290 yen each, the McFlurry also comes in three different PIkachu cup designs.

Rounding off the trio is the Hot Apple Custard Pie (150 yen), which contains a crispy dough and a smooth, sweetly tart filling made with apples, custard cream, cinnamon, and vanilla beans.

▼ Again, three different designs to collect:

With 12 different designs in total, fans will have to feast on more than one of each item in order to catch ’em all, as McDonald’s says the designs can’t be selected by customers. They’ll only be available for a limited time, too, with the McShake on the menu from 11 June to mid-July, and the McFlurry and Pie around a for a bit longer, from 11 June to mid-September.

Judging by the popularity of the Pikachu McFlurries we tried in 2017, these are sure to sell as fast as lightning so you’ll want to be quick to get a taste of Pikachu!

Source, images: Press Release
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